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Your Minimalist Guide for The New Year

You don't need to have watched the documentary Minimalism or read the blog of the Minimalists to know the benefits of a minimalist approach to life. Minimalism is about decluttering your life so that it is filled only with the things that add value to it, or that bring you joy.

Nobody says you need to live in a tiny house or own only 10 pieces of clothing. You can own as many things as you want, as long as all of those genuinely add value to your life. But most of us wake up one day realizing we've filled our houses with a myriad of stuff we barely use, which now feels like it's weighing us down.

If you've ever decluttered parts of your household, you know how freeing it feels. That's why we have a plan for you this year, which will make you feel that way a little more every month.


Go through your kitchen items (glasses, pots, pans, containers, cutlery, appliances, etc) and get rid of an unused item every day.


Give away or sell any books you will never read (again).


Go through the cosmetics in your bathroom and give away or throw out items you haven't used in the last 3 months and probably won't use.


Sell, donate, or give away clothing and shoes you don't wear anymore. For the pieces you're not sure about, try 1 item every day this month and throw it out if you wouldn't wear it again. Get rid of all the old underwear pieces that have been sitting in the drawers for months.


Give away any decorative items or random objects you have lying around, which aren't meaningful to you or don't bring you joy.


Go through your phone pictures, notes, and apps, and delete anything you don't use regularly. Back up what you want to keep.


If you have paper or forms filed away, go through them, and digitize whatever you don't need as an original. Just scan all invoices, letters, or forms, back them up on a hard drive and throw away the paper copies.


Go through your kitchen cabinet and throw out old food items and spices.


Give up 1 bad habit that is bothering you in your daily life. James Clear and Leo Babauta can guide the way for you. Start with thinking about why this habit is taking place (what purpose it is serving in your life) and what you're going to replace it with.


If you have an office space, declutter it and get rid of anything you're not frequently using. Old papers, notebooks, print-outs, etc. should no longer hold a space in your work area.


It's time to evaluate the relationships in your life. Think about which relationships energized you and enriched your life this year, and which ones drained you. Think about which of those you are ready to leave behind. There's no easy way to go through this process but the Minimalists can offer some guidance here.


As the year is coming to a close, it's time to evaluate and look ahead. Which things have you left behind this year? Which new things have you embraced in your life this year? Are all of them genuinely adding value to your life?

Which are the most important things you want to do next year? Can you limit them to 3 key goals?


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