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9 Ways to Practice Self-care (on a Budget!)

Investing in self-care? In this economy?

With everything going on in the world right now (I will do us all a favor by not making a list), it's more important than ever to take care of yourself, even when it might feel selfish or out of touch with reality. By taking care of yourself, you might gain a new perspective on things, reduce your negative emotions, boost your creativity, increase your tolerance towards others and gain more patience. Working on yourself can not only make you happier and more resilient but can also make you a better individual, more aware of and connected to society.

Unfortunately, self-care is often linked to the purchase of material things, going big on spending money, or binge-watching TV endlessly, none of which will make you grow or support your actual well-being in the long term. So, here are our suggestions to take care of yourself and unwind, without having to spend a lot of money to do so.

Do something FUN

When was the last time you did something just for pure fun? We often find ourselves picking up productive hobbies that allow us to grow, but don't necessarily help us release tension and shift focus. The top two things I love doing when I feel overwhelmed are: spending an afternoon at the arcade (playing all sorts of different games) or going to watch stand-up comedy.

Try cooking something new

Get creative in the kitchen! You will not only switch focus and put distance towards any negative emotions you might be experiencing, but what's more, you'll get to enjoy the result of your work later! Yummy. Here are some recipes you might want to try:

Host a development workshop for yourself

Organize a mini-workshop or reflection session for yourself, focused on your own goals and development. Think about what your strong traits are, what your weaknesses might be, what you enjoy or don't, and where you would like to go in the short, mid, and longer term. Define which steps or opportunities will take you there and make a plan. A well-defined and ambitious action plan will give you purpose and leave you energized!

Go for a walk in nature

Get out of the house and venture into the outdoors. Whether it's a city park or a nearby forest, being in nature can definitely help freshen up. What's more, you can relax even deeper by listening to and performing a walking meditation (the CALM app has a few of those).

Learn something (really) new

You can unwind and boost your creativity by learning something out of the ordinary without the pressure of having to deliver in any concrete way. What about learning how to bake? Or knitting crochet? Have you ever felt inspired by decoration and design? Why not learn how to recycle paper or how to craft your own furniture? Domestika has tons of courses around the themes of craft, music, design, animation, architecture, and fashion (among others).

Support a charity

Look for a charity whose mission and values you appreciate and make a donation or consider volunteering for a few hours a week. Giving back is a wonderful way to make you feel purposeful while doing good for the world and your community.


Self-reflection is an awesome way to acknowledge and process life's events. It also allows us to gain a new perspective on things. So get yourself a notebook and start writing. Don't think too much about style or where the narrative is going. Write about feelings, stuff that happened to you this week, things you would like to achieve, spirituality, impressions, frustrations, or things that you're grateful for.

Give yourself the spa treatment

Nobody said you need to pay a hundred euros to get pampered. You already probably have all you need at home! Take the time to do a proper facial treatment and make yourself feel all renewed and relaxed. Start by doing a proper (double) cleanse, apply a mask while reading something interesting, rinse, then move on to applying serums and creams, and don't forget to properly massage your face using your hands or a gua sha. If you need ideas or instructions around the best skincare routine, check out our perfect nighttime routine and our guide to using facial oils.

Reach out to a friend

Human beings crave connecting with those around them, it's how our brains have been wired. So what better way to take care of yourself than leaning into and expanding those personal connections? You can always ask a friend out for a cup of coffee, a cinema date, a trip to the bookstore, or a night of board games. Expressing your feelings, laughing, and connecting to trusted friends works wonders to unwind, see a different perspective and refocus.

Anything else comes to mind? Let us know in the comments!



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